Sup Boysies! This is just a little PSA regarding this website. I started this as a joke over a year ago, but very quickly It got decent viewership. If you have been around since the Reddit days, I appreciate you massively! This website is run by just one person, Myself. I post here when I have the spare time off work to source leaked content for you guys to enjoy. Free of charge.

I don't do this for the money, Which is pathetic tbh. For context, this website gets around 400k views a month. and the amount of money I make from ads is about $100 monthly. Take away costs for domain and hosting I get fuck all back. I've played around with different ad networks and they are all shite tbf. I have always hated when you go to websites and are bombarded with popups and sketchy ads. And I regretted adding them here. But, That's the only add type that pays. For example, the fixed banner ads you see get pennies in revenue compared to popups that may earn you a couple of dollars a day.

So I've decided to completely remove all ads from this site. There will be no popup ads, no new tab ads, and no banner (image) ads on the site. Please be aware there may be ads on videos when you first click to start the video. Regarding these, I make no money from those ads. This is all coming from the video hosting that I use. I have chosen the lowest option for the ads (pic shown below). Just for your knowledge, the video hosting site is called evoload. Please stay away from them if you want to host videos yourself. They have now rejected the last 2 payments for no reason. So Fuck em.

So, this site won't be making me any more money from now on. But I don't care tbf. I would much rather this website be way more user-friendly than have cancerous ads litter the place.

On the off chance that anyone is a crypto whale, I will paste my wallet addresses below if you want to show appreciation for what I do. But that's not by any means a requirement. I will continue to post leaks no matter what! All for you boysies to enjoy!

Eth: 0xe3Dd012DcF6592B90772364dB9911BA5A93d4074

Sol: AyS63AJ5pwz5eBPHEGEGVwsLsevJvsbMxn8UB4sDEcFN

Bsc: 0x9442057365e662717cE05dEC9615f6F2dC3d1f8D

I may do more of these little update messages in the future as I want to know what sort of content you want in the future or even who you want to see more of.