Make money with Onlyfans leaks

Want to make easy money with Onlyfans leaked content?? Well, theirs a couple of ways you can do it.

One option is to start up a discord/telegram and then charge people to join. this is a viable option. But you have to think, Who really wants to be paying for leaks? The whole point of leaks is that they are free. With this option you have to find and upload all of the leaks yourself, This can be pretty time-consuming for not much return.

The best way that I’ve found is to start your own website. There are a few important factors you need to know beforehand. First is hosting, You need to host your site on servers that allow for this kind of content. All the big names won’t allow for this content (GoDaddy etc.) I use ViceTemple I’ve had no issues at all, And have been using them for years. All you need is the Playboy Bunny service which costs $6 a month to get started. Once you choose this option it will instruct you to choose your domain name. This is where you can have a bit of fun. Choose a catchy name that people will remember! So not much expenditure to start.

You have a website up and running, Great! Now comes the styling. Keep it simple to start. I’ve gone through numerous new looks for this site, And I’m always wanting to change it somehow. But I really should calm down on the UI changes. So don’t do what I do, Keep it simple and clean from the start. There are lots of plugins that make styling your site really easy.

So, now you have a styled website all ready for the important content to be added. This is where I messed up at the beginning of this website, And regret it. So ill let you know my errors so you don’t have them as well. The key is to not upload the content directly to your site! You can quickly rack up a massive storage size that wreaks your site load time. In the beginning, I was uploading full 200mb+ videos. Storage is expensive, You really don’t want to be paying for 100gb++ storage for your site.

To get around this use video sharing websites that allow this kind of content. Streamtape is probably the most popular. These work by wrapping your video in loads of ads. So they provide you with an embed link that you add to your post, And when users try and play the video they are spammed by ads. That’s why I went down the path of uploading the videos myself to cut these websites out. But unless you pay $100s a month for the best hosting, It aint worth it in the long run.

How to get the content??
Well, just take it from another Onlyfans leaks website. Let’s face it, this ain’t the most moral form of content creation. So do what you want. There is plenty of websites out there to grab content from, So get at it.
This isn’t the quickest way to populate your site, However. You really need new content daily, Us simps need leaks like water. So this can easily take a couple of hours a day to do.
What do I do??? Well, good question. I used to do it all manually, Finding/downloading/editing/uploading and it did take a good couple of hours a day. I also used to make custom thumbnails, that probably wasn’t necessary really. But it did increase clicks. (If you go back to some posts that have like a set of 4 images as the thumbnail that’s them)
Nowadays I’ve made it all automated. I wrote some code that I have run everyday that fetches posts that have been published in the previous 24h from a couple of the top Onlyfans leaks websites. And I basically just publish the content here. Super easy and simple. So I can just leave it and it’ll continue to populate automatically.
If you’re interested in doing the same, I’m more than happy to help you!

How to start making money!!???
Ads!!! Start an account with an ad network, Make sure they are good with this kind of content. I use Adsterra, Have done so from the start. I’ve found them the best, And they also have great ways of payment. paypal/crypto.
Another way is referrals. I’ve not really done this (maybe I should have) But cam sites pay you if you send people over there that end up creating an account etc.
Promo, If you find someone that is willing to pay you to promote them on your site, happy days!! money!!

Want it even easier!??
If you don’t feel like going through all the effort I have listed above, I got you.

I will build a fully operating Onlyfans leaks website. with automatic daily content, Similar to those here. So all you will have to do is stick your ads on it and away you go. All work is taken care of. The only reacurring fees you would have to pay are the hosting/domain costs. Hosting fees are from $6 a month and domain fess are from $10 a year.

Well, thanks boysies if you read all that. It was a little long.
Interested/curious at anything I’ve mentioned above or have any questions, please drop me a message at:

[email protected]

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